Terms and conditions

1. Entrants must be 18 years and over to take part.
2. Any equipment, props or instruments are the responsibility of the contestant and  the organising team* will take no responsibility for the loss or damage of any equipment.
3. The organising team will not be held responsible for injury or damage caused by the negligence of contestants.
4. By entering ‘Has Reading Got Talent?’ contestants give permission for the organising team to use photo’s, audio, video or any other form of recording taken during the show on air, websites and any literature.
5. The stage size is 16ft x 12ft and performers must fit their act into the stage space provided.
6. All entrants must be available for the final stages on the 17th & 18th February 2017.
7. Certain restrictions may apply to some acts for safety reasons.
8. The organising team reserves the right to vary or cancel the events and timings for operational and/or safety reasons at their discretion.
9. Performers enter the stage area and perform at their own risk.
10. The judges decision is final.
11. All equipment must have an electrical PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate.
12. The organising team reserves the right to alter volume levels.
13. The prize may not be transferred into any other person.
14. Use of false names or address, i.e. name by which the entrant is not usually know will be disqualified. We reserve the right to oblige any potential winner to provide documentary proof of their identity and address before such person may take part.
15. You must ensure that you have obtained all necessary and proper immunizations for any animals involved in your act.
16. You must notify the Producer, in advance, if you intend to:  – perform physical and/or dangerous stunts, explaining the full nature of the stunt;  – use any form of equipment required as part of your act. You will be responsible for bringing such equipment (provided it is suitable for the audition location) and are responsible for ensuring that such equipment is safe and/or suitable for its purposes. Pyrotechnics are not permitted. You may be asked to supply a risk assessment.
17.  By taking part in Has Reading Got Talent all performers must hereby seek agreement from the organisers before public performances or contracts may be entered into as a result from entry into Has Reading Got Talent.
18. The closing date for entrants is the 16th February 2017.